Products List



1) Earl's Ghost - Ghost Pepper - Hot
2) Earl's Chipotle - Pecan Smoked Red Jalapenos. Mild and thick.
3) Earl's Smoked Ghost - Pecan Smoked Ghost Peppers. Hot
4) Earl's Chocolate - Chocolate Bhutlah Pepper. Very Hot! 
5) Earl's Roasted Reaper - Fire Roasted Carolina Reapers. Very Hot! 
6) Earl's Scotch Bonnet - Yellow Scotch Bonnet Peppers. Hot! 

7) Earl's Dougie - My very own hybrid pepper.  Slow build but very hot!
8) Earl's Smoked Dougie - My very own hybrid pepper. Slow build but very hot! 
9) Earl's Kitchen Sink - Every pepper I have except the Reaper in this one. Very Hot! 
10) Earl's Reaper - Carolina Reaper Pepper. Very Hot!  
11)  Earl's Yellow Scorpion - Yellow Trinidad Moruga Scorpion.  Very Hot!
12)  Earl's Roasted Ghost - Fire Roasted Ghost Pepper. Just Hot!
13)  Earl's Smoked Reaper - Smoked Carolina Reapers. Very Hot!
14)  Earl's Red Scorpion - Red Scorpion Peppers. Very Hot!
15)  Earl's Green Ghost - Green Ghost Peppers. Hot!
16)  Earl's Blueberry Ghost - Ghost Peppers and Blueberries. Hot!
17)  Earl's Cayenne - Cayenne Peppers. Mild
18)  Earl's Smoked Cayenne - Smoked Cayenne Peppers. Mild
19)  Earl's Green Reaper- Green Carolina Reaper Peppers. Hot!

​20)  Earl's Bubble Gum - Bubble Gum 7 pot Pepper. Very Hot!

Hot Sauce comes in a 5oz glass bottle and costs $7 per bottle plus shipping.  Shipping is $9 for the first bottle and $1.25 for each additional bottle.  Shipping is via USPS Express Mail and usually arrives in 2-3 days.

The following powders are also available in 2 oz Glass Bottles:

1) Reaper

2) Smoked Reaper

3) Chocolate Bhutlah

4) Smoked Chocolate Bhutlah

5) Dougie

6) Smoked Dougie

​7) Chipotle

8) Ghost

​9) Smoked Ghost

Powders are $8 per bottle plus shipping, same as above.