Growing Peppers



My Story

I have always collected hot sauces and had a garden with plenty of peppers but 10 years ago I decided to order seeds for the hottest peppers on earth and see if I could grow them.  Not only could I grow them, but they are quite prolific as you can see.  These plants grow to six feet high and have hundreds of peppers on each plant.  I now grow Carolina Reapers, Ghost, Yellow and Red Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, Chocolate Bhutlah, Dougie, Chocolate Primo Reaper, and several others.  

I came up with a hot sauce recipe I like and started making the best hot sauce I have ever tasted.  I am always experimenting with flavors and started smoking and roasting peppers for added flavor.  I have been smoking red Jalapeno's to make Chipotle for years and thought I would try the Ghost pepper.  The result is Earl's Smoked Ghost and most people say they have never tasted anything like it.  I have since added the Carolina Reaper, the worlds hottest pepper.

Heat........ My hot sauce is very hot but the heat comes only from the heat of the peppers, not concentrated, no taste, capsaicin extract like you will find in most off the shelf Ghost Pepper hot sauces.  I use only fresh ingredients and flavor is my utmost goal.  Anyone can melt your face off with capsaicin extracts the art comes in when you can make a very hot, hot sauce that tastes really good!  I feel like I have done this and many repeat customers would agree.